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August 2016

Candidates say the funniest things!!


Maybe because I am an old man, ( at least that’s what my kids tell me!), that I have become increasingly cynical. I am sure that there is most probably an algebraic equation that it is proven “age multiplied by encounters equates to exponential disbelief.” In fact as all new recruits to Cherryred will testify I advocate the open ended question in order to get to the truth… there is in my humble opinion always a story, and things are very rarely as they seem.

Recruiters are told many strange things.. Some humorous, some questionably ethical and some just out and out lies.. it with the latter that I fell obligated to take candidates to task…Don’t tell me that you are paid £10K more than anyone else in the sector in a veiled attempt to talk up your salary, or that the business you are working in is in fact 4 times busier than in reality because if they say such falsehoods in an interview the client will smell a rat!!! And in turn take out their frustration, annoyance and preconceived unsubstantiated hatred out on the recruiter for wasting their time!!

I have always supported the notion that the fee in recruitment is a reflection of the work and process that has taken place in sourcing initially the wrong candidate so that the correct candidate is left standing and as such we provide a service, NOT the candidate. The reason I say this is that at the eleventh hour the candidate (because of the human factor), has the propensity to change its mind and do the strangest  / funniest thing in interview.

My most memorable 3 interview feedbacks following the question: “how did you get on?” are as follows:

1) the interview was going well up until the point the candidate lost his temper, picked up a chair and threw it through a window.

2) the interview was going well up until the point when the candidate confessed to being a nightmare to manage

3) the interview was going well up until the point when the candidate  decided to make a pass at me and lean across the table to kiss me!”

The point I am making is simple, recruiters want to help candidates find new careers… candidates sometimes clearly don’t. So when a candidate says that they weren’t prepped for the interview, or weren’t told what workwear to bring for an evaluation, or that they were told nothing about the employer… trust me …. they were.

So clients, please be assured that recruiters want to satisfy your recruitment needs and will do everything in their power to ensure their individual success…. But sometimes candidates just say or do the funniest things!

Blog written by Rob Mansell – Cherryred Recruitment

Rob Mansell – LinkedIn

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