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October 2016

New to the high stakes world of recruitment!


Coming from a hospitality background, recruitment specializing on the industry I thought I knew much about seemed like the obvious choice! Sky’s the limit earnings; evenings and weekends off (which I have to say seemed like a dream after years of being in the casino environment working late nights, weekends and every public holiday under the sun!).

Even though I didn’t know anyone working in recruitment at the time I knew that I was the kind of person who likes to be constantly challenged and by the sounds of the job specs online, recruitment sounded like the dream job I had been waiting to find!

I remember being asked on my interview “Are you tough enough to deal with the pressure?” I thought hey… I’ve ran a marathon! If I managed to keep picking up my feet when every inch of my body was telling me to quit then I’ve got what it takes, recruitment is not going to break me!

Eight months in I have to admit there are days when running a marathon would feel so much easier than keeping my spirit up while the proverbial goes down- candidates not rocking up for interviews, clients not moving quickly enough with the interview process which results in candidates accepting jobs elsewhere, and all these things completely out of my control. For ’normal people’ it must seem mad that someone would possibly enjoy constantly being on the edge never knowing which way things will turn out and with no guarantees that the hard work will pay off. But I guess, this is the beauty of it all. The buzz and adrenaline rush you get when things fall into place make it all worth the not always sunny days in the office.

I feel very fortunate to be given a chance with no previous experience to prove myself in this extremely competitive industry and even more fortunate to do that in an environment where I am surrounded by role models. People who inspire me every single day to just keep moving forward no matter what, and who remind me of however bumpy the road to success might be, there is no rainbow without rain.

Is it tough? A lot tougher than I would ever imagine. It has been a real learning curve. Naively I thought I had a good enough understanding of hospitality with an industry related degree and work experience behind me, but had to realise that the real learning started the second I stepped through the doors.

The versatility of the branded sector fascinates me in its true sense and the clientele Cherryred works with is one that makes me proud to say I am one of the Cherries now, with a great bunch of people around me that I have grown to look at as friends rather than colleagues.

Blog written by Adel Gyepes of BTG Recruitment.
Adel Gyepes – LinkedIn

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