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February 2016

The Importance of building client relationships


I feel quite lucky really recruiting in the industry I do… why? Because you really get to build on your relationships and most of it involves socialising and going for meals – which is always nice!

I have worked in the recruitment industry for 9 years and have built a number of solid relationships over the years; this has taken time and most of all, understanding. In the 10 years previous to this I worked in hospitality and experienced every style of business – so I get it!

A solid understanding of the industry helps. I feel I can empathise and understand what my client needs and wants. The question you have to ask yourself is “Would I hire them?”. If the answer is no, then don’t even put them forward; remember your gut is always right.

The established relationships I have built so far in my career are built on trust, friendship and knowing the ins and outs of your client and the business, all the clients I work with know that I will only send a candidate across who I am truly willing to put my name to, they have to be the right fit. I would rather send nobody than somebody who just simply isn’t right.

5 tips for building a solid relationship

Listen – You must really listen to the client and take on board exactly what they want. Each site location can be different so this is important.

Trust – Build trust with your client. Get to the point in your relationship where you know they will love the candidate you chose instantly. The client must know and feel that you always have their best interests at heart and are not being sold the dream.

Time – Your relationship will come over time. Over the years I have had to build new relationships with clients due to movement within the business.

Remember, your reputation always precedes you.

Knowledge – You must know your industry and market. Eat at the sites you want to work with so you can speak confidently when are developing your client relationship. Look at the team, look at the managers, what is the right fit? Do you truly get it?

Respect – This is a 2 Way relationship. Don’t be afraid to talk openly and honestly to your client; they will respect you more.

For more advice and expert information on the hospitality industry, get in contact on 0161 214 3843; I look forward to hearing from you!

Written by Karla Green, Cherryred Senior Recruitment Consultant.

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