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August 2016

What makes Cherryred Cote’s Number One Recruiter?


Cherryred Recruitment has been voted number one supplier for Cote yet again. Three years running and we still hold the title of the best performing agency. So what makes us the best supplier to one of the most successful restaurant concepts in the UK, with currently 80 sites across the country?

The experience of working with a recruitment agency should always be a rewarding experience; saving the client valuable time to manage other aspects of their HR role. Here at Cherryred we work as a representative, and sort of ‘an extension of Cote HR team’.

In order to achieve this, we need to have a detailed understanding of not only the role itself but also Cote as an organisation, its culture, the team structure and so on.

All Cherries (as we call ourselves), are specialists in the market. We have worked as: Area Managers, General Managers, Chefs and waitresses in various establishments from: full table service restaurants, to hotels and bars and clubs operations. We are very passionate about working in hospitality and placing our candidates at Cote and understanding the right ‘fit’ for the company is what makes us the best supplier.

From the very start of working with Cote, we focused on building the relationship, establishing clear lines of communication and developing a framework for how the relationship should work.  Both parties were always very open and clear about how we would like the relationship to work, which have saved everyone time and more focus could be placed on the job in hand.

Communication has been another important factor in building a successful relationship. We listen, we communicate and most importantly we understand what Cote are looking for. During the recruitment process, considerable amount of time and effort is invested in managing the candidate’s expectations and keeping the interest high. In a candidate scarce market, the competition for the best talent is fierce and candidates are often considering several positions simultaneously.  Staying on top of things and communicating well is undeniably a big part of what makes us successful.

Apart from working hard, we also celebrate our successes together. We enjoy boat trips, eating at Cote restaurants and nights out. We are a great team who just get on together! We are looking forward to working with Cote many years to come.

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